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We have been cooperating with the PBD studio for several years. We entrusted the agency with several of our brands, including the development of the rebranding of the Stancja Nowa Gdynia brand. The change was evolutionary and standardizing – 20 years of our work were respected and at the same time we were offered coherent, modern and unique solutions. I am happy to recommend the services of the Perform studio as a trustworthy partner, because cooperation with them is always successful.

Marcin Ciupa
Chairman of the Board
The team demonstrated the right balanced approach - consistency was maintained with the existing brand codification and at the same time a distinctive image was created that could be used for 360-degree communication. I would like to express high appreciation and satisfaction with the cooperation. Perform specialists met all our requirements and expectations. Hence, without a shadow of a doubt, I highly recommend the agency's services in branding, rebranding and brand refreshment.

Michał Sacha
We were listened to, understood and perfectly served without delay. The agency's staff quickly and professionally created a creation that stole our hearts from the start and dispelled any dilemmas we had about branding through graphic image. The creation undoubtedly responded to our needs and truly corresponds with the identity of the foundation, with who we really are.

Sławomir Żak
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
The rebranding included, among other things, a facelift of the logo, the development of a consistent line of packaging, display, as well as the development of templates for the materials that our salespeople use on a daily basis and the rules for developing the SIW. We highly recommend PBD's services.

Anna Ławicka
Member of the Board
We are grateful for their help with the complex work on the new brand and its launch. Over the course of several months of collaboration, the agency listened to our needs, delivered the project on time, showed initiative and a multidisciplinary approach to the subject.

Marcin Ciupa
Chairman of the Board
We received support that exceeded our expectations. We received valuable advice on the elements of the corporate identity, including the logo, and made the decision to go along with the creative's ideas. The design we co-created has gained traction and will look even more favourable in the eyes of future AioCare users.

Piotr Bajtała
COO & Founding Partner
The end result exceeded our expectations and the process of cooperation with the agency was a pure pleasure. We really liked the attention-grabbing slogans, inventive in a light and playful style corresponding to the narrative we plan to use in brand communication.

Marcin Świerczyński
Chairman of the Board
The agency guided us through the branding process in a patient and flexible manner. We are satisfied not only with the visual effects - the new logo, graphic design and packaging line, but also with the cooperation process itself.

Grzegorz Chwaszczewski
Chief Trade Officer
The standardisation solutions proposed by PBD have become a key element in creating the graphic image of the organisation and the ŻAK brand. I am satisfied with the solutions worked out, which give coherence to the graphic materials, Internet activities and signage of the secretariats. I evaluate the quality of communication with the agency very well.

Witold Dudaczyk
Chairman of the Board
We are proud of our new image. The new face of the brand strengthens Stasin's position as a brand that is modern, but trustworthy and often refers to tradition. Cooperation with the agency was smooth, comfortable and flexible - without any reservations. Through these references, I recommend PBD's services as a creative partner in the area of brand standardisation.

Łukasz Wiszniewski
Operations Manager
The designs were executed with sensitivity, aesthetics and the collaboration was impeccable. The agency staff demonstrated a complete understanding of the internal design brief, the vision for the new brand and the requirements of our team.

Karolina Bartoszek
Chairman of the Board

I would like to recommend the services of PBD as one of the best-rated companies designing visual identification systems and packaging. (...) As a result of our cooperation, an inspiring brand world of Mieszko Junior was created, which, in my opinion, constitutes a complete base activating brand managers to further brand creation activities, and PBD has become a regular partner with whom we gladly realise further challenges of our brands.

Mirosława Ekiert-Stroka
Brand Manager

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I dare to call our collaboration a success. It hasn't been a year since we changed the sign, and already I can't imagine going back to the previous identity, and I struggle to think that we used to look completely different. A round of applause for the whole team! I recommend PBD's services as a partner in the field of brand image creation.

Grzegorz Baszczyński
Chairman of the Board

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The agency hit the needs and expectations of the shopping centre managers at lightning speed. The result was a sign and a modular identity that we are really happy with. PBD are contactable and flexible. Therefore, by recommending the agency, I can guarantee that I am recommending a proven and reliable provider of creative services.

Andrzej Nizio
Chairman of the Board
For the third time, the agency surprised us positively when it refused to cooperate with our direct competitor. The owner of the company informed me of the discussions that were taking place and respected the fact that we were indeed completely out of the loop. PBD are people with values that we also value highly - inventiveness, loyalty and professionalism.

Marcin Dudek
Member of the Board
To our positive surprise, the PBD team offered us user paths already during the first discussions, which were created in accordance with the guidelines of the operating systems, and each element had its justification. The project was thoroughly tested on the target group, confirming the effectiveness of the studio.

Patrick Rogalski
Chairman of the Board
The fruit of our cooperation was not only the successful launch of the new brand on the market, but also taking one of the leading places among Polish art galleries. A great advantage is the extraordinary flexibility, reliability and great communication with the company's employees, the possibility of meetings, discussions defining needs and training.

Krzysztof Fabijański
What positively surprised us was the interview the agency's consultant conducted with us, almost resembling an interrogation. The PBD team responded in an exemplary manner to the task set before them. The result was a package that really responded to our needs.

Marta Boguszewska
Deputy Director Import-Export Department
With this letter of reference, I would like to thank the agency's staff for their commitment, hard work, advice and understanding of our needs. Working with you is truly inspiring! Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I recommend PBD as an efficient partner worth entrusting with work on the image of a company, product or service.

Karolina Bartoszek
Chairman of the Board

Cooperation with the company was smooth, timely and successful. All the work was done carefully and aesthetically. Also noteworthy is the personal involvement of PBD's employees in the project and the positive opinion the company enjoys on the market of agencies in the 'brand design' segment.

Mirosław Nizio

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After a long search, we found a creative partner who is able to respond to our needs through graphic design. The agency is characterised by its concern for the quality of the designs and their implementation, its sincere and positive approach to cooperation and its hit-and-miss advice.

Agnieszka Sobkiewicz
Development Manager
We received strong support in terms of image creation [...]. We can recommend the company as a reliable, timely, experienced and creative graphic design partner.

Wojciech Mirosław
Chairman of the Board
We also received strong image creation support from the company. We are currently using the company's services on a continuous basis and, when planning future image investments, we are taking into account the possibility of entrusting further tasks to the company.

Piotr Trzeźwiński
Communication & Marketing Manager
We assess the cooperation as exceptionally successful, the company met the design challenges brilliantly, showing initiative and creative as well as strategic competence. During the work we could count on an individual approach to each problem, advice from both consultants and the design team. The work was carried out reliably, with full commitment and professionalism.

Ewa Przeździecka
Director of Sales and Marketing
As soon as the idea for a new cosmetics brand came up, we started looking for a creative agency that could go beyond the standard solutions. Since its launch, the brand has started to receive praise and warm words. We highly recommend the company as a competent and creative partner in the area of new product development and branding.

Katarzyna Unrug-Bielawska
Chairman of the Board
Why is it worth it? The reasons are many. Honesty and openness in dialogue, a strategic approach, inquisitiveness in understanding needs and good emotions in cooperation. In terms of graphics, consistency, consistency and more consistency (...) As a result, the new image better reflects our current scale, international reach and ambitions for further growth.

Hubert Jasiński
Member of the Board
PBD manages to combine creativity, ability to communicate with the client with reliability and dependability in an uncommon way. There are no unusual assignments for them, neither too big nor too small. They always look for the best solutions. Highly recommended!

Lidia Kuczmierowska
Project Coordinator
We entrusted the company with all the graphic work on the brand, because we know from experience that the agency delivers results that truly satisfy in every way. I use PBD's services with 100% conviction and recommend it to anyone who is looking for projects that are interesting and distinctive, who wants to build the brand of their organization with a partner who meets the needs of his client.

Łukasz Janowski
Chairman of the Board
During the work, the company demonstrated a professional approach to graphic design issues, flexibility and concern for maintaining the highest quality of services provided. We have also entrusted the company with the production supervision of printed materials, and it has fulfilled the assigned tasks very well. Therefore, we recommend the company as a reliable creative partner in the development of Visual Identity Systems.

Marek Wielemborek
Without hesitation, I recommend the company as a competent, creative, able to empathize with the needs of the client and an excellent substantive partner in the creative industry. It is worth noting, not common in this industry, the combination of creativity and high substantive competence with openness to the needs of the client and reliability in carrying out orders.

Lidia Kuczmierowska
Chairman of the board

We are extremely pleased with the results of cooperation of a long-term nature - both graphic design and substantive assistance and valuable advice on how to build a strong brand remain extremely useful and relevant. it is also important to us that the projects are always performed at the highest level, efficiently, on time and taking into account our needs and comments.

Tomasz Krzywania
Chairman of the board

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Tomasz has provided design services to the Editorial Committee of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review since 2009. At all times he has proven efficient, focused on outcomes, and easy to communicate with. The Editorial Committee has no hesitation in recommending his work to others.

Shane Coughlan
Business Development Manager
In addition to the design at a very high level, we also received many valuable tips and advice on how to apply it. All the designs and detailed descriptions of the various elements were included in the brand identity book. The whole project was completed on time and without reservation. It is with great pleasure that I would like to recommend Tomasz Politanski to you, his knowledge and skills put him, in our opinion, among the top Polish designers.

Jan Wnęk
In 2007, due to continued growth and with organizational changes in our agency, we decided to completely redesign the visual identity. We entrusted this task to Tomasz Politanski's company. His experience in image creation for representatives of various industries is extensive. He has a keen sense of the needs of his clients and their audience.

Hieronim Kalwinek
All work covered by the contract was carried out on time and with due diligence, in accordance with the client's expectations and the terms of the contract. The quality of service, timeliness and competence of the agency's team, allows us to recommend it to other institutions and companies as a trustworthy, professional and reliable creative partner.

Agnieszka Jędrzejczyk
Head of the Minister's Office


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