Perform Brand Design


Visual audit

The audit helps identify those elements that are, or have the potential to become, distinctive brand assets. It is a holistic view of the brand, through the eyes of the client. It is also a look at the brand from the perspective of experienced designers and strategists. A perspective from outside the organisation, will substantively point out the strengths of the brand, but also areas for correction.

Activities include:

  • Analysis of the key points of contact with the brand in the customer path
  • Identification of brand strengths and visual assets
  • Identification of deficits, design errors and areas for improvement
  • Examples of how to achieve results in line with brand aspirations and build consistency

The analysis allows you to assess the current state of affairs, enabling you to make an informed decision before a visual change or rebranding. Are you facing a big change and major decisions? Don’t act in the dark, just contact us!