Perform Brand Design


Brand workshops

The brand workshops have a primarily practical dimension. The solutions developed improve the coordination of activities and simplify the management of all marketing processes. The starting point is always a business objective that will serve the entire organisation. An intensive workshop lasting several hours is an excellent opportunity to develop a solution with the help of external experts. 

We will conduct a workshop that will result in developing answers to questions related to your brand: What is the purpose of the brand? How should it be built? How should it be extended? How to build an identity system?

During the 4-hour meeting, we extract the goals to which business leaders are leading their organisation and encapsulate these ideas in a few sentences. We listen carefully and work to find common ground. It is about defining the team’s mission/vision, defining values and brand essence as a solid starting point for further strategic work.

We will take a fresh look at the brands operating in your organisation’s portfolio and together identify ways to develop them further. Relationships linking products or services in a group are always presented visually. We will identify effective ways to combine or separate your products or services and plan ways to extend the brand into new lines.

Today, consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to good design. The young are rejecting the casual. During the meeting, we teach how to recognise good design and work on different levels of visual coherence. We present types of identification systems. We select the measures that will prove to be the most suitable for the needs and possibilities of the brand.