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We have a wide range of knowledge and skills, in any area of branding that can help your brand grow. Here is a brief overview of our skills.

We help clients strategically and creatively with branding processes. Clients come to us most often with the following challenges:

  • Rebranding and brand refreshing, covering extensive processes from strategy to implementation
  • Visual standardisation of brands, small architecture
  • Branding for new brands, label and packaging design
  • Group workshops, educating teams visually, teaching cohesion, design of identity systems and brand architecture
  • Naming development of a brand name and assessment of its potential and availability
  • A visual audit of the brand, helping to define the brand assets or simply pointing out areas for correction
  • Building a brand, preparing a brand strategy or adapting it to the current situation
  • Logo and typeface design – brand-specific solutions
  • Identity/visual information systems, including: idea and principles described in manuals, guides and brandbooks
  • Organising the brand portfolio and brand architecture
  • Strategy sessions on the brand strategy and its various elements, helping to clearly communicate the brand to the marketplace
  • Organising the brand portfolio and brand architecture
  • Individual consultancy in the area of brand strategy and architecture, rebranding and design

Every brand is different and, depending on the situation, requires a slightly different approach. This is why we tailor our working methods to the specific needs of our clients.

Perform projects have been awarded and published in Poland and internationally.

Design & Visual Identity for Children SpacesImages
Dobry Wzór 2020Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysł
LogoLounge 11Rockport
LogoLounge 10Rockport
Polish Graphic Marks 1945-1969,
Druga Ogólnopolska Wystawa Znaków
LogoLounge 8Rockport
LogoLounge 7Rockport
LogoLounge 6Rockport
Logo creedRockport
Gallery the world’s best graphics, vol.36Chois
LogoLounge Master Library 4Rockport
LogoLounge Master Library 3Rockport
Los Logos
W:RKWarmia Rebelia Kultury
Dobry Wzór 2013Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysł
2+3D grafika plus
PGR. Projektowanie graficzne w
Best of greeting cardsZeixs Publishing
Logo design 3Zeixs Publishing
Logo design 2Zeixs Publishing

Find out the opinions of people who have trusted us. Here are sample testimonials confirming satisfaction with the cooperation undertaken.

We have been cooperating with the PBD studio for several years. We entrusted the agency with several of our brands, including the development of the rebranding of the Stancja Nowa Gdynia brand. The change was evolutionary and standardizing – 20 years of our work were respected and at the same time we were offered coherent, modern and unique solutions. I am happy to recommend the services of the Perform studio as a trustworthy partner, because cooperation with them is always successful.

Marcin Ciupa
Chairman of the Board
The team demonstrated the right balanced approach – consistency was maintained with the existing brand codification and at the same time a distinctive image was created that could be used for 360-degree communication. I would like to express high appreciation and satisfaction with the cooperation. Perform specialists met all our requirements and expectations. Hence, without a shadow of a doubt, I highly recommend the agency’s services in branding, rebranding and brand refreshment.

Michał Sacha
We were listened to, understood and perfectly served without delay. The agency’s staff quickly and professionally created a creation that stole our hearts from the start and dispelled any dilemmas we had about branding through graphic image. The creation undoubtedly responded to our needs and truly corresponds with the identity of the foundation, with who we really are.

Sławomir Żak
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
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