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In the initial phase of development, rapid growth requires buyer attention, which branding helps to attract and retain. The new brand package focuses on getting attention quickly and positioning itself in the hearts and minds of customers.

At Perform, we build brands so that customers, employees and investors feel that they are still in the same ecosystem. If we want to increase the likelihood that customers will choose a brand in the here and now, we need to focus on differentiation while maintaining consistency. Doing so improves marketing effectiveness over time and helps you grow. 

Our offer for debut brands includes:

An effective brand strategy translates directly into faster achievement of a company’s business goals. It is the foundation that determines how a brand is built and communicated. During the workshop, we will define what makes your brand perceived as authentic and, based on data, define how it differs from the competition.
The strategic process includes analysis of competition, trends, current, future consumer needs, defining the brand vision, architecture, core, personality. We also help define a favourable positioning and associated communication strategy.

A good name is an undeniable asset. Finding that one word that is light and easy to remember carries great potential. It supports the brand image and sets it apart from the competition. A good name with the right slogan makes a promise while allowing you to expand your brand.
We create names for products, services, businesses or programmes, taking into account legal restrictions and the availability of internet domains. We extend each developed name with a semantic analysis and an analysis of typographic potential. We consider names in a broad context, taking into account the linguistic associations the brand may enter in the future, analysing historical, social and cultural connotations.

The mark is the visual essence of the brand identity. Its character is encompassed by its colour, form and appropriately selected typeface. We guarantee that the elements, often invisible at first glance, create a harmonious whole.

Brands speak, communicate and live through words. We create a unique brand language. We ensure that the words and language used by the brand connote positive associations, differentiate the brand from the competition and are tailored to the current needs and situations of the brand’s audience.

A corporate identity system is a practical tool for building a coherent image. A good SIW is characterised by flexibility, adapted to the needs of the company.

The result of our work is a simple guide that can be used by any employee of the company. The system developed includes a detailed description of the key marketing materials and how to develop the system so that subsequent materials remain consistent with what we have developed.

In the world of the Internet, the user decides. That is why we design websites that understand the visitor. We implement the graphic design on a test server.

We create graphics for social networks and advertising, advise where the new brand should be present, which actions to take and which to avoid. The designed message is understandable, the information is quickly accessible and the user experience is in line with what the brand wants to say about itself.

Depending on the sector and needs, the brand communicates with the public in a traditional way (catalogues, price lists, annual reports) or bases communication on a presence in the virtual world – new technologies, in forms of interactive presentation, animation or film. We design templates for printed and digital materials with a visual brand language that makes the brand instantly recognisable.

Good packaging protects, promotes, builds brand awareness and supports product sales. The shelf is the most competitive marketing environment – so it is crucial that the packaging leads the customers’ gaze, stands out, but remains consistent within the product line.

We take care of the visual side of the packaging, and we also do structural design, as shapes are the strongest brand assets. We oversee the entire process, from concept to mock-ups to the preparation of proofs, ensuring a confident, realistic result.

The brand security guaranteed by trademark protection is fundamental in building competitive barriers. This is why we cooperate with an experienced firm of patent attorneys. The names and marks that we design are each time subjected to a preliminary analysis in terms of industry conflict in Poland and the EU. This ensures that the presented names and marks can be registered, even before the client starts the registration process.

We accompany the brands we design at every stage of project implementation. We cooperate with manufacturers and printers with different profiles and specialisations. We advise on the choice of subcontractors and technical solutions. We make sure that the client knows what effect to expect when working independently with contractors in the future. We support the company in creating a consistent brand image.

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