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Stacja Nowa Gdynia

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Stacja Nowa Gdynia
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Stacja Nowa Gdynia Business & Wellness Resort is a unique business and sports centre located on the outskirts of Łódź, Poland. For more than 20 years it has been a place of rest, sports and recreation for visitors.

The task was to create a coherent identity system taking into account the brand architecture of the attractions available in the leisure complex.

We have created a flexible system whose main feature is the combination of an illustrative motifs with colour rectangles in various geometric arrangements.

The distinctive division gives a wide creative scope, while on the other hand, we maintain consistency across all materials. Another distinguishing feature is the dedicated line of illustrations used on many media.

As part of the development was created an information system consistent with the visual identity. The structure of the division of information is based on a structure of the logo design.

Our tasks included the design of a new website incorporating the new brand architecture. We also prepared templates for social media communication.

The new visual identity is a capacious system that allows to include messages of the sub-brands of Station New Gdynia, Ancymondo and the SNG Foundation. To further develop the system, we have prepared a document describing the visual guidelines.


We have been cooperating with the PBD studio for several years. We entrusted the agency with several of our brands, including the development of the rebranding of the Stancja Nowa Gdynia brand. The change was evolutionary and standardizing – 20 years of our work were respected and at the same time we were offered coherent, modern and unique solutions. I am happy to recommend the services of the Perform studio as a trustworthy partner, because cooperation with them is always successful.

Marcin Ciupa
Chairman of the Board
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