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Carrefour is an international omni-channel grocery chain with more than 900 shops in various formats in Poland. The challenge we faced together with the client was to tidy up the graphic image of the brand.

The work was preceded by a comprehensive image audit, which identified areas for improvement and became the starting point for simplifying the rules of the system.

The project required a balanced approach. The new image is based on the brand codification used so far, recognized and used at the global level. At the same time, expressive elements of the system were created to unify the brand’s activities online, in the area of ​​e-commerce, offline, as well as in communication inside and outside stores. The overall change included standardization in the area of ​​the visual identity and information system, including: price, product and seasonal promotions as well as occasional events.

Carrefour layout system

The heart of the system is the Carrefour logo along with the resulting shape. This form is the starting point for building each subsequent brand message. This is how a coherent system of sales, information and image materials is created.

Thanks to the new solutions, the customer can easily find his or her way around the shop as well as recognise the brand outside the shop. As a result of the work on the new standards, we simplified the shop navigation system.

Another area of the project was the development of the sales image. The new pricing modules clearly present the complex discount and promotion mechanisms. The colour coding based on yellow and red was maintained.

The image of the Sports Zone remains consistent with the sales image. The only difference is the zone’s dedicated colour.

A dedicated visual subsystem has been developed for the chain’s own brands. It results from a pattern, based on the brand mark, and covers a wide variety of the chain’s products under its umbrella.

We were also entrusted with creating a dedicated icon style for the different delivery methods.

As part of the development of the system, we have made the communication regarding the Carrefour app more consistent.

An important element of the brief was to align offline and online activities. We adapted the principles we created into a promotional banner system, as well as advertising in the areas of social media and Google Ads and accompanying newsletter communication.


The team demonstrated the right balanced approach – consistency was maintained with the existing brand codification and at the same time a distinctive image was created that could be used for 360-degree communication. I would like to express high appreciation and satisfaction with the cooperation. Perform specialists met all our requirements and expectations. Hence, without a shadow of a doubt, I highly recommend the agency’s services in branding, rebranding and brand refreshment.

Michał Sacha
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