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Refurbishment and construction company

Wers-Bud renovation and construction company performs construction and installation works in the general contracting system. Cooperation with the company allows for a reliable valuation of the scope of works and, as far as possible, for the reduction of costs connected with investments by undertaking cooperation with one entity.

The company needed an image that reflected its professionalism and wide range of services. The construction of the letters in the logotype communicates the company’s reliability and stability in the market. The final part of the name “bud” was closed with a vault, so that the sign evokes associations with the construction industry. The slogan “We know all about building” was created for the project, informing clients that they are entrusting their investment into the right hands.

In addition to the design at a very high level, we also received many valuable tips and advice on how to apply it. All the designs and detailed descriptions of the various elements were included in the brand identity book. The whole project was completed on time and without reservation. It is with great pleasure that I would like to recommend Tomasz Politanski to you, his knowledge and skills put him, in our opinion, among the top Polish designers.

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