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Salve Medica

Medical centre as an umbrella brand

Salve Medica

Salve Medica is the largest medical centre in the Lodz Voivodeship, at the same time a family and caring company. The owners have been in the medical services industry for more than 20 years and are not afraid of work, challenges and innovation.

Over the decades, Salve Medica has evolved into an umbrella brand, including Poland’s leading infertility clinic, an outpatient clinic for specialist doctors and a multi-speciality hospital.

The continuous expansion of the range of medical services associated with the construction of the specialised hospital accelerated the management’s decision to redefine the brand architecture and organise the visual identity for all areas of the centre’s activities, which were assigned a dedicated mark and colour.

The comprehensive development of materials within each of the Centre’s areas of activity ensures clarity and consistency, regardless of content or medium.

The entire rebranding of the brand is described in a document that clearly sets out the rules for applying and developing the system.


After a long search, we found a creative partner who is able to respond to our needs through graphic design. The agency is characterised by its concern for the quality of the designs and their implementation, its sincere and positive approach to cooperation and its hit-and-miss advice.

Agnieszka Sobkiewicz
Development Manager
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