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Galeria Stalowa

Artistic initiative in Warsaw’s Praga district

Galeria Stalowa

An initiative in Warsaw’s Praga district to promote the work of young artists – painting, but also printmaking, sculpture and photography.

The founders believe in Polish contemporary painting and consider it a phenomenon worthy of European and world promotion. In line with the founders’ intentions, the gallery is becoming a permanent feature of the emerging SOHO in Praga.

When working on the new visual identity, we tried to smuggle in the element of the gallery’s location – back in the 19th century Prague was an industrial district, and Stalowa Street was home to numerous steelworks. The branding retained a cold and austere style, so that the image remained cool, yet noble. The main element of the visual identity became a rectangle derived from the central letter ‘o’ of the Stalowa logotype, symbolising a frame of paintings, and the minimalist graphic design of the identity became the background for the works of artists collaborating with the gallery.

To further develop the branding of the brand, we have prepared a set of visual guidelines with descriptions of the basic elements of the system. Below are selected pages from the document.

The Plein-Air is an initiative of the Gallery with the primary aim of supporting and developing the talent of art students. Several times a year, the owner of Stalowa Gallery organises plein-air workshops for young, outstanding artists. Teaching staff also participate in the plein-air events.


The fruit of our cooperation was not only the successful launch of the new brand on the market, but also taking one of the leading places among Polish art galleries. A great advantage is the extraordinary flexibility, reliability and great communication with the company’s employees, the possibility of meetings, discussions defining needs and training.

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