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An impregnable fortress

A company with many years of experience, it offers customers sales, installation and expert advice in the selection of internal, external and entrance doors. Castlock provides the customer with comprehensive care from the first visit to the showroom to the installation of doors selected from the company’s extensive range.

The design of the visual identity is based on the symbolism of a fortress, which a house with a well-chosen door can become. The characteristic figure of the knight Sir Castlock became the main element of the brand world we created. The brand hero enters into a friendly dialogue with the customer and, combined with the expressive language of the brand, emphasises its solid and trustworthy character.


The end result exceeded our expectations and the process of cooperation with the agency was a pure pleasure. We really liked the attention-grabbing slogans, inventive in a light and playful style corresponding to the narrative we plan to use in brand communication.

Marcin Świerczyński
Chairman of the Board
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